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The quickest way for small teams to onboard enterprise customers
/ per month
billed annually
What’s included
Includes 2 SSO Connections $40/month for additional connections
Custom domain (CNAME)
Default UX for Customer Portal
1 dev and 1 prod Environment
1 data center


For companies who need advanced customization, security, and support
Everything in Grow, plus
Unlimited SSO Connections volume-based discounts
Custom environments
Multiple data centers
Dedicated onboarding

Included in every plan

Built-in multi-tenancy
Organization discovery
Unlimited SSO connections in non-prod environments
Unlimited team members
SOC2 & ISO Compliance
99.99% uptime SLA
APIs and SDKs for integration
Disaster recovery

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$99 / per month
billed annually


$399 / per month
billed annually


Single Sign-on
SSO connections
Each additional connection
Not applicable
Built-in multi-tenancy
Support for OIDC & SAML
Major identity providers
Organization discovery
Custom domains
Setup custom domains used to authenticate users
User attribute mapping
Easily customize and map fields offered by your directory providers
Domain verification
Ensure login security by confirming domains used for SSO
Branding & Customization
Scalekit watermark
No watermark
No watermark
No watermark
Customer portal
Customize the Customer Portal to match your brand look and feel
Default UX
Branded UX
Branded UX
Security & Infrastructure
ISO 270001
99.99% availability
Environments supported
1 dev and 1 prod environment
1 dev and 1 prod environment
Custom environments
Onboarding & Support
Dedicated engineering onboarding
Email support Response time<12 hours
Dedicated Slack support Response time<6 hours
Premium support Response time<1 hour

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Frequently asked questions

How does Scalekit work?
Scalekit acts as Authentication platform and sits between your SaaS application and your customer’s environment. Scalekit can be easily integrated into your SaaS application with a few lines of code, and begin powering your SSO connections. Integrating Scalekit is as easy as implementing Login with Google. Check out our Quickstart guide to see how it works.
What is a SSO Connection?
Each connection that your customers configures with their Identity Provider (IdP) system is counted as SSO connection. Integrate with any Identity Provider that supports SAML or OpenID Connect.
Can Scalekit power both backend and frontend of SSO connection experiences?
Yes, Scalekit powers SAML/OIDC connections in the backend between your SaaS application and your customers’ IdP systems. Also, we provide embeddable frontend components so that your customers can fully configure and manage SSO connections from within your SaaS application’s admin portal.
How do you track and bill SSO connections?
We only account for SSO connections in your Production environment. Connections in your non-Production environment are free.
What Identity Providers are supported?
We support all the major Identity Providers via SAML or OIDC protocols. We also offer custom configuration guides for Okta, Azure AD (Entra), One Login, Ping Identity, Jumpcloud.
Is there a Free Trial available?
Scalekit is free to get started in a non-production environment. You don't need to add a credit card until you’re ready to go live with an SSO connection in a Production environment.
Does the number of users on our customers’ organizations affect pricing?
No, each SSO connection is billed the same, regardless of the number of users in your customers’ organizations.
What is a Custom Domain?
By default, all the SSO configuration URLs and the Customer Portal are hosted at “auth.scalekit.com”. But, if your prefer to customize the domain to your branding, “Custom Domain” feature allows that
What is Customer Portal?
Scalekit offers a self-service customer portal UX that allows your customers’ admins to self-serve manage SSO connections. The customer portal UX can be rendered as both embeddable UX from within your admin portal (or) a standalone UX portal that your customers can access.
What’s the difference between Development and Production Environment?
Dev environment would have “Powered by Scalekit” watermark in the UI/UX experiences of Customer Portal and Login with SSO. This watermark would be removed in the Production environments
How many folks from our SaaS team can access Scalekit platform?
Unlimited. You can invite any number of your team members to integrate, test, and access Scalekit platform.
What if we need more Test and Production environments?
We will support you with additional QA, Staging, and Production environments in the Scale plan.
What are Scalekit’s deployment options? Do you support private cloud deployments?
Scalekit is a multi-tenant Authentication platform that’s hosted on public cloud infrastructure. We strictly isolate the production environments so that cross-team data access and security controls are restricted.
What does support for multiple data centers mean in Scale plan?
In the Start and Grow plans, we support 1 data center. In the Scale plan, we can power any number of data centers to host Authentication capabilities.

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