The best Auth0 alternative for B2B applications

Scalekit is the fastest way to add enterprise auth on your B2B app
Purpose-built for B2B apps
Specifically designed for the unique needs of B2B organization and user data models
Accelerate time-to-market
Launch auth features in just a few days to win and retain your biggest customers
Batteries included
Packed with features like SSO config portal, IdP-initiated SSO, and user attribute mapping

B2B applications need enterprise-grade authentication

Organization-first Data Model
Need flexible data models that support organizations and multi-level user hierarchy
Organization-first Data Model
Multi-tenant Authentication
B2B applications need to strictly separate auth policies and user data among several organizations
Multi-tenant Authentication
Enterprise SSO
Large organizations IT admins expect custom SSO, IdP-initiated SSO, map user attributes with their IdP systems
Enterprise SSO
Centralized User Controls
Enterprise IT admins prefer to centrally configure auth settings and administer users in their org
Centralized User Controls
Security Frameworks
B2B auth platforms need to adhere to security frameworks to safeguard org and user data
Security Frameworks

Consumer-centric auth solutions fall short of B2B needs

Gatekeeping features for enterprise plans
I want to warn people: if you want your customers to log in with SAML, Azure AD, etc., you must be on the enterprise plan. Enterprise starts at +$35k.
Extensive development
time & effort
I found the documentation hard to understand at first, but after a few approaches I managed to work out my own workflow and then create internal documentation for my team.
Difficulty in implementation
Making a multi-tenant application in Auth0 is difficult. Implementation of SSO, identity features in B2B applications is a bit strange.
You end up paying a premium
The product somewhat works, but there are better alternatives and I would not recommend using them unless you are ok paying a premium not getting anything in return.
Not out-of-the-box
ome devs however have reported a learning curve, particularly when configuring advanced features or customizing authentication flows.
Not built for scale
Tangentially, if you’re a B2C startup like an app, avoid using Auth0. Their pricing starts out cheap but once you reach 10000 MAUs, it will go from it will go from $X00 a month to a 3 year contract for $X00000.
All above reviews have been taken from public review websites

Why customers choose Scalekit over Auth0

B2B Authentication
Turnkey auth platform for B2B applications
  • Multi-tenant auth by design

    Enforce per-org auth policies. No additional coding required
  • Organization-first data architecture

    Supports Organizations, Members. Includes Org Discovery
Auth0 was fundamentally designed for B2C
  • Requires lot of custom coding to achieve multi-tenancy
  • Offers user-first data model by default. Custom coding required to adapt to B2B architecture needs
Enterprise SSO
Plug-n-play enterprise SSO components
  • Enterprise SSO workflows prebuilt: IdP-initiated SSO, multiple SSO connections per org
  • SAML self-service config allow your enterprise customers to easily set up SSO with their own IdPs
  • Self-service flow to map user attributes from IdPs
  • Simplified SAML setup with metadata URLs
Needs custom coding for enterprise use cases
  • Needs custom coding to offer enterprise SSO features
  • SAML self-service config is not offered by default. Requires custom logic to implement and maintain
  • No self-service UI to map user attributes from IdPs
  • No support for metadata URL based SAML config
Admin Portal
Self-serve UI for your customers to manage auth
  • Fully-hosted admin portal allows your customers to setup SSO with 20+ IdPs (Custom SAML, Custom OIDC included)
  • Custom Domains included. Configure your domain for auth
  • UI portal to configure IdP params, map user attributes, Test SSO connections
Overhead for your dev and support teams
  • No config portal provided by default. Your teams need to setup and manage SSO settings for your customers
  • Custom domains start at $150 / month
  • Expect your dev, support team to configure SSO, IdP settings in the backend with support tickets

Compare Pricing - Scalekit vs Auth0

Inputs for pricing comparison
Manage your customers as Organizations. Your app’s Users would belong to these Organizations
Enterprise Connections
Auth0 considers these as identity providers supporting SAML, OIDC based SSO
Users that authenticate in a given month for a given Organization
Starter Plan
Admin Portal
Fully hosted Admin Portal
B2B app friendly pricing
  • Only priced for production SSO Connections

    Pay per connection. Free for sandbox
  • Unlimited Users (MAUs)

    All Scalekit plans have no limits on Users
  • Unlimited Organizations

    All Scalekit plans have no limits on
  • Unlimited team members

    All members can access and manage
Starter Plan
Max 3 connections allowed
Extra pay above NN MAUs
Capped at 50 Organizations
Admin Portal
Custom coding required
Overpriced with limits and overages
  • Max limits on Connections

    Essentials plan: 3 connections

    Professional plan: 5 connections
  • Unpredictable pricing as MAUs differ per Org
    Essentials plan: $300/mo for 1000 MAUs
    Professional plan: $800/mo for 1000 MAUs
  • Max limits on Organizations
    Essentials plan: 50 Organizations
    Professional plan: 100 Organizations
  • Maximum of 7 team members can access
    and manage Auth0

Frequently asked questions

What does Scalekit do?

Scalekit facilitates seamless SSO integrations between your B2B SaaS application and your customers’ identity providers (IdPs). Acting as an identity federation broker, Scalekit abstracts the complexities associated with SAML and OIDC protocols. Scalekit can be integrated into your B2B SaaS application with just a few lines of code. Implementing Scalekit is as easy as adding Login with Google. Check out our Quick Start guide to get started now.

What is a SSO Connection?

Represents the unique connection between your application and your customer’s identity provider. Examples: Connection 1 is Okta’s identity provider integration with your customer, Foocorp. Connection 2 is Microsoft Azure’s integration with another of your customer, Barcorp.

What identity providers does Scalekit support?

Scalekit supports all major identity providers that can integrate via SAML or OpenID Connect. We also have prebuilt enterprise SSO integrations for Okta, Onelogin, Microsoft Entra ID, Google Workspace, Ping Identity, and Jumpcloud.

Why is Scalekit better than Auth0 for B2B SaaS?

Scalekit is specifically designed for B2B SaaS applications auth needs. Multi-tenant by design. Organization-first data paradigm. Several prebuilt components for enterprise SSO. Self-service UI admin portal for your customers’ IT admins is included. Pricing is designed for B2B SaaS apps with no limits and caps on MAUs, Organizations, Connections. Overall, Scalekit is the fastest way to add enterprise auth to your B2B SaaS app - add SSO in just a couple of days. In contrast, Auth0 primarily supports consumer-centric (B2C) use cases. Since their architecture, data model, and capabilities are built for B2C apps, it takes a lot of investments and maintenance efforts by your engineering teams to make it work for your B2B SaaS app needs.

How quickly can I launch SSO?

Scalekit can be easily integrated into your B2B SaaS application with just a few lines of code, and begin powering your SSO connections in under a couple of days. APIs, SDKs, and Sample Apps are built to accelerate your engineering teams. We provide strong support for SAML and OIDC based SSO connections. All enterprise capabilities supported like IdP-initiated SSO, User Attribute Mapping with IdP systems, Domain Verification, Custom Domains, Sandbox environments for testing, and more.

Launch enterprise SSO in hours

Scalekit is free for non-production environments
Starting at
/ per month
billed annually
Included in every plan
Built in Multi-tenancy
Organization Discovery
SAML, OIDC, OAuth Support
Self-serve UI Config for SSO
Unlimited Users & Organizations

Launch enterprise SSO in hours

Scalekit is free for non-production environments

Integrate SSO in a few hours

Add major identity providers instantly. Support SAML and OIDC protocols
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